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Work in Spain

Work Experience in Madrid, Spain

GoMadrid has partnered with DonQuijote to offer this unique opportunity to find work in Spain. We also provide professional relocation assistance.

This language programme offers you the opportunity to experience Spanish culture first-hand as you work in the hotel business. We can offer you a paid work placement in a hotel or similar establishment, allowing you to learn Spanish or improve your existing level while putting your new skills into practise working on Spain's beautiful mainland or on the Balearic or Canary Islands.

Working in SpainFull-board, on-site accommodation is also provided during your work experience. This programme means you will have the opportunity to work in Spain, allowing you to practise your Spanish and earn a small allowance whilst learning more about the Spanish labour market. You will gain valuable work experience and further your career options by improving your CV and by giving you the opportunity to seek further work in Spain once you have fulfilled your commitment to the employer.

Positions in a variety of sectors include kitchen staff, room service, reception, waiter/ waitress, restaurant, animator, maintenance, lifeguard, cafeteria...with additional sectors available on request. You must have the ability to live independently in a foreign country; be open to and show respect for different cultures to your own and be committed to improving your Spanish Language skills through your Spanish language course.

Your exact job placement will depend mostly on your ability to express yourself in Spanish. For this reason, you are required to complete a Spanish language course of at least 4 weeks duration before beginning your Work Experience. There is no minimum Spanish level required to enroll in the program, but it is worth remembering that the higher your level of Spanish, the better you will perform at work. You should be aware that whilst positions will be available for students with lower levels of Spanish, they are likely to be jobs not requiring contact with the public – kitchen jobs, for example.

Spanish work opportunities

This Study & Work programme takes place over 2 phases:

  • An Intensive Spanish Language Course in any of several schools throughout Spain, of a minimum duration of 4 weeks
  • Work experience in a 3 to 5 star hotel located in tourist resorts on the Spanish mainland, Balearic or the Canary Islands

Included in the Programme:

  • Job offers, after your Spanish course – subject to personal interviews
  • Pick-up and welcome to the programme
  • Transport to your accommodation
  • Orientation and Guidance Meeting on arrival
  • Assistance in obtaining the Numero de Identificación Extranjeros (NIE) and Social Security card you'll need to work in Spain
  • Access to the 24 hours HELP line
  • Access to the Programme Club, with Club Discount Programme and a peak-season leisure programme
  • Accommodation Services: We'll set you up with accommodation (to partipate in the Work programme, you must stay in the accommodations provided by the programme).

There are also shorter, internship possibilities available. Please request our brochure for full information.



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