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Madrid Tapas Events

Tapas terrace 1 Madrid Tapas Parade Tapas terrace 2

Madrid Tapas Parade is the effort of a group of Spanish cuisine lovers to comprise in one event the most representative tapas and foods of the country, at a beautiful restaurant in Old Madrid.

Safe from the noise, smoke and tensions of the world, far from the madding crowd and remote amongst the palaces of historic Madrid, La Tapería de la Abuela has established itself as a must for the finest tapas lover.

GoMadrid now offers you the chance to sample some of Spain's finest tapas at this unique location for just 19 euros per person on weekdays (24 euros at the weekend) if your group is made up of 8 or more guests. For less than 8 people, try our Madrid Tapas Tour.

The tapas menu includes :-

Madrid Tapas Parade - 19 euros per person

  • Quail salad - savory quail (cordoniz), seasoned with lavender and pepper and accompanied by a fine green salad
Quail Salad
  • Croquettes - an old favourite for any tapas lover, but spinach-filled for a tasty & healthy twist
  • Calamari - perhaps Spain's most traditional tapa; delicous squid rings, deep-fried in top quality extra-virgin olive oil to achieve crisp coating while maintaining a tender filling.
  • Fresh Paella - freshly made, as opposed to the microwave heated version served in many other establishments.
  • Duelos y Quebrantos - typical tapa from La Mancha region and mentioned by Cervantes in Don Quijote, this dish consists of scrambled eggs mixed with ham, pork, potatoes and chorizo.
Duelos y Quebrantos
  • Fig Bonbons - low-fat bonbons, filled with a figs & a chocolate licquor mix and covered with delicious dark chocolate for a taste of traditional southern Spain.
Fig Bonbons
  • Sangría - Of course! Made from the Tapería de la Abuela's exclusive recipe which uses 10 ingredients.

Isn't your mouth watering already? To reserve your Tapas Tour, please Contact us with your requirements.



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