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Alimentos de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Address: Mercado Puerta de Toledo, Ronda de Toledo nš 1, 2nd Floor. 28005 Madrid
Tel.: 91 3642970
Fax: 91 3660741
Metro: Puerta de Toledo

Alimentos de Madrid

Shop Information

Alimentos de Madrid is a shop in Madrid which specialises in food.

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Inaugurated in December 2006, the 'Alimentos de Madrid' shop is located in the Puerta de Toledo market with the goal of promoting different food and drink products from the region of Madrid.

The shop specialises exclusively in these quality products from the autonomous region of Madrid, and provides information about the products and how they are made.

Many of the products possess the official 'Denominación de Origen' classification, denoting quality regulation and guaranteeing their geographical origin. Here, we can find the following products:-

  • Aceite de oliva (olive oil): Extra virgin olive oil of low acidity, with an intense colour and aroma.
  • Aceitunas de Campo Real (Campo Real olives): Possessing an intense green colour and delicious flavour, these olives are rich in oleic acid which is believed to help prevent high blood pressure.
  • Ajo de Chinchón (Chinchón garlic): spicy and aromatic garlic from the banks of the Jarama, Tajuña & Tagus rivers. Of the fine variety of garlic, it is of medium size and possesses fine and long clusters of cloves with a hard texture.
  • Anís de Chinchón (Chinchón anís): Anís is an anisette or aniseed liqueur flavoured by the seeds of the anise plant and which tastes a little like liquorice. The Chinchón variety is often simply called that, Chinchón, and is of the most famous in Spain.
  • Carnes de Guadarrama (meat from Guadarrama): Red meat from quality livestock bred in the clean air of the Guadarrama sierra.
  • Espárragos de Aranjuez (asparagus from Aranjuez): Fresh and tender, these Aranjuez asparagus are equal in quality to the famous Navarre variety. Known here as 'pericos', they have an intense green colour.
  • Fresas de Aranjuez (Aranjuez strawberries): The Aranjuez strawberry is small and aromatic, fresh and tasty. These strawberries are of the best quality in Spain.
  • Judiones de la Sierra Norte (butter beans from Sierra Norte): 'Judías' are butter beans and 'judiones' are a larger version, grown locally in the sierra to the north of Madrid near the villages of Montejo de la Sierra, Horcajuelo, La Hiruela, Prádena and La Puebla.
  • Melón de Villaconejos (Villaconejos melons): Villaconejos is famous for the best quality melons, grown in several different varieties. The fact that they are picked at exactly the right point of maturity is said to be the reason behind their delicious flavour.
  • Miel de la Sierra (Sierra honey): The mountains in the north of Madrid's autonomous region are abundant in different species of flowers, creating the the perfect environment for bees and local honey-making. The clear-coloured honey is smooth with a light aroma, and the darker honey has a more intense taste.
  • Queso de cabra (goat's cheese): The goats that graze in the Sierra de Guadarrama provide the necessary milk to create a soft, creamy cheese with a special flavour. Ecological goat's cheese is produced in the villages of Fresnedillas de la Oliva and Colmenar Viejo.
  • Queso puro de oveja (pure sheep's cheese): Sheep's cheese tends to be of the cured variety. It is matured for a minimum of 4 month's, which helps to give it its special flavour and aroma.
  • Vinos de Madrid (Madrid wines): Reds, whites and rosés are available. There are several different types produced in the vineyards of Arganda del Rey, Navalcarnero & San Martín de Valdeiglesias and possessing the 'Denominación de Origin' quality classification.

Shop Location

The address of Alimentos de Madrid is: Mercado Puerta de Toledo, Ronda de Toledo nš 1, 2nd Floor, 28005 Madrid.

The nearest Metro station is Puerta de Toledo. Please see the location map for Alimentos de Madrid below.

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