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Many Madrid restaurants have exclusive online promotions and offers, such as free champagne with your meal, 2 x 1 offers, or special pricing. Click here to check out these special offers! And remember, it's free to book your table!

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GoMadrid's Recommendations

  • Flamenco: The Corral de la Moreria Restaurant offers Madrid's best flamenco show together with some excellent Spanish food.
  • Traditional: Botin Restaurant is a classic, registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the world. Worth visiting just to say you've been there! Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas offers succulent roast pig and lamb, garlic soup and wonderful tapas with a truly authentic interior, and in a privileged central location under the arches of the majestic Plaza Mayor. Lastly, the famous Cafe de Oriente enjoys spectacular views of the Plaza de Oriente and Royal Palace.
  • Paellas: So many establishments offer ready-made paellas for the tourist, but if you want to sample the real thing with an excellent choice of different varieties, the La Buganvilla Restaurant or La Barraca are the places to go.
  • Mediterranean: La Capilla de La Bolsa was previously the Madrid Stock Exchange and before that, a hermitage linked to the Knights Templar. The building has had several anonymous owners, giving it a continuous air of mystery, but in any case today offers gourmet Mediterranean food in a unique setting.
    And top chef Frédéric Fétivea combines Spanish, French, Italian and Moroccan cuisines at the Cafe Oliver Restaurant, honoured by the El Mundo newspaper in the "More than a Restaurant" category of its gastronomic awards.
  • Seafood: An amazing array of different fish and seafood dishes are available at the La Trainera Restaurant, the ingredients purchased every day from Madrid's most important fresh produce distribution market.
  • Vegetarian: A myriad of vegetarian dishes such as salads, vegetarian paella, vegetarian pastas and macrobiotic dishes are presented at the Al Natural Restaurant in a warm and cosy atmosphere.


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Cheap Restaurants in Madrid, Spain

Let's face it. We all like to eat out when we go on holiday. It adds something special to our nights out, stops us from having to cook, and gives us the chance to dress up and impress for the evening. The problem is, eating at a restaurant every night can be pricey. However, if you do want to go out to eat each night on your vacation, then you can still do it without utterly breaking the bank balance. You can do this by visiting some of the budget restaurants dotted throughout the city.

One such restaurant is La Biotika, which can be found at Amor de Dios, 3 (Tel: 91 429 07 80). This is a vegetarian venue, with a reasonably priced menu, starting at as little as 10 euros. They specialise in Macrobiotic veggie cuisine, and in particular vegetarian burgers. Be sure to reserve your seat, as it is necessary. Also, you can find the La Biotika easily by going to the Huertas zone and getting off at the Antón Martín metro stop.

Vitamina is another vegetarian restaurant offering very good prices - it can cost as little as 6.5 euros for the salad bar. The atmosphere here is very light and fresh, and it is a great place to stop by in the afternoon for a quick snack. If you do decide to go, you can find it on Chinchilla, 9, which is in the Gran Via district. You can get more information by calling the establishment on Tel: 91 531 43 64.

For some nice Catalans food, you could visit Pantumaca (Mayor, 31, Tel: 91 365 77 77) near Sol metro. The food here is homely and nutritional, if a little basic. However, your money goes far here as meals can cost around a low 10 euros. If you're in the area, are feeling peckish, and only have a handful of change, then you might as well go in and give it a try.

You can even find some quality North American cuisine at Woody's Diner (Arturo Soria, 66, Tel: 91 368 40 11). The average price of a dish here is only around 12 euros, so it's ideal if you want to get out of the hotel for an evening but not burst your wallet at the same time. You get all the regular American foods here - all cooked to a good standard, so it's well worth the handful of euros you'll pay.

La Taquería de Birra is a budget Mexican restaurant that offers meals from as little as 10 euros. Hot, spicy, and full of pizzazz, this venue if packed with Mexican attitude and flavour. You can find this lively place at Pza. Comendadoras, 2, which is in the Gran Via area. You can telephone 91 522 80 49 for more information and to book your seats as well.

A new establishment in Madrid is Restaurante Artemisa, which can be found on Calle Tres Cruces off Gran Via. Be sure to learn a little Spanish before you go though, as this is a mainly non-English speaking venue. The décor here is simple, providing a very relaxed atmosphere. There is a daily menu, and although the choices are a little limited, the price is good - around 8 euros for three courses, including coffee and wine.

There are many other options available to the person looking for a budget meal. The key to finding something cheap to eat in the city is by looking around the quiet side streets, talking to the locals about good places to get a snack, and by going a little further out of the city sometimes. Much of the time, you will find that restaurants and cafes are cheaper the further out from the city centre you get.



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