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La Capilla de la Bolsa Restaurant, Madrid, Spain

Calle de la Bolsa 12
28012 Madrid
Tel. 915 218 623
Fax. 915 233 502
Metro: Sol
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La Capilla de la Bolsa Restaurant

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Restaurant Information

La Capilla de la Bolsa is a gourmet / formal restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.

The average price of a main course dish at the La Capilla de la Bolsa restaurant is 25 euros. The average price of a 3-course meal at the La Capilla de la Bolsa restaurant is 55 euros.

Note that although strives to maintain all information about La Capilla de la Bolsa up to date, the prices mentioned are only an indication and may not reflect the exact value of your meal.

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Situated in the very centre of Madrid, in the Las Letras area next to the Plaza Mayor, the Capilla de la Bolsa (Stock Exchange Chapel) was established in order to provide a highly aesthetically pleasing, quality space.

The building where the restaurant is situated was the Santa Cruz hermitage in the Middle Ages, which, according to history, was connected with the mystical order of the Knights Templar.

The town archive states that this building was used many years later as the meeting place for the first Masonic Lodge in Spain. From the XVIII century onwards a dense fog of mystery surrounds the Capilla de la Bolsa building. Some of the families that owned it appear as anonymous in the records and it is recorded that it had a variety of private and lay uses, finally becoming the location of Madrid's first stock exchange.

The architecture of the space, especially the Baroque vaulted ceiling and original columns have been preserved, and so clients can, to a degree, enjoy hundreds of years of art.

Interpreting the concept of luxury as using the highest quality raw materials, in the Capilla de la Bolsa you can enjoy different Mediterranean dishes with innovative touches. The culinary philosophy of the restaurant consists of processing food as little as possible, so that high quality food does not lose any of its flavour or nature in the cooking. Vegetables and seafood, which are always products of the season, have an important place in our menu. Examples include gratinée sea urchins with a touch of cava wine, or our marinated red partridge salad served on a on a bed of lettuce leaves.

The main dishes will prove pleasant surprises for the exquisite care taken in their preparation, examples including sword fish and avocado carpaccio served with a prawn vinaigrette and, of course, our traditional farmyard chicken in an apple, pepper and nut sauce, our grilled fillet of sirloin steak and grilled fillet mignon with pepper sauce. The menu is competed by a selection of hand-crafted desserts where you will find highly original dishes such as large Szechuan peppered strawberries with bourbon vanilla ice cream.

A wide selection of both national and international wines is available as well as a selection of cigars.

The restaurant rooms can accommodate a total of 200 diners, over 6 areas on 3 floors.

The wonderful interior décor uses the finest materials, including wooden floors made of ucola wood from Africa, onyx walls (a material with beneficial health effects) and special paintings (frescos, stuccos and murals).

The interior design studio Juliet and friends led by Emilo Gallego has decorated the spectacular space based on original religious concepts with different colour schemes for each of the areas.

The main dining room has preserved a classical style under its Baroque vaulted ceiling decorated with stucco work and gold leaf. Live music is provided by a Steinweg rococo style grand piano. The setting is completed by state of the art lighting which changes every few minutes, creating a series of different atmospheres.

A copy of the menu in PDF format may be found here

We recommend avoiding disappointment by booking your table at the La Capilla de la Bolsa on this page

Restaurant Location

The address of the La Capilla de la Bolsa restaurant is: Calle de la Bolsa 12, 28012 Madrid.

The nearest Metro station is Sol. Please see the La Capilla de la Bolsa restaurant location map below.

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