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Relocating to Madrid, Spain

Madrid's Royal Palace

Change of residence is one of the causes of high stress as indicated by the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale, but GoMadrid has partnered with a professional relocation company in Madrid to make your move to Spain as stress-free as possible!

We can give you access to a highly specialised organisation committed to assisting nationals and internationals relocate to Spain. The objective of these relocation experts is to provide a seamless integration into new surroundings for every one of our clients, using professionals whose mission is to be the market leader in quality.

We can make available to you a team of multilingual professionals who have been providing relocation services in Madrid since 2000. Many of them relocated to Spain themselves, and their personal experience has shown us exactly what services should be provided to ensure a smooth and trouble-free relocation.

Individual support and competence are the core values of this philosophy. Each member of the team has in-depth specialized knowledge of Madrid and many years of experience in relocation. The counsellors have excellent problem-solving skills, are good at communicating, thorough, flexible and above all are motivated to serve our clients. As our clients' personal agents, we do not provide standard solutions, but valuable customised services for each and every individual case.


Relocating to Madrid or to Spain is a process that involves both the employee and the employer. It is essential that the relocating employee become effective as soon as possible – this can not happen if the expatriate is involved in the complicated process of setting up a new home for himself and his family. We have the experience and the expertise to help both

the Employee by ...

  • Providing friendly, face-to-face counselling
  • Eliminating all the practical worries
  • Offering a support system that makes the new location feel like home

the Employer by ...

  • Working hand-in-hand with the company’s mobility department
  • Allowing staff to concentrate on their professional activities as soon as possible
  • Eliminating concern about the family
  • Saving time and money. A relocating expatriate is an expensive investment - leaving him to deal with new job responsibilities as well as a new environment, family concerns and practical problems, is a false economy.


An initial questionnaire and telephone call enable us to custom-tailor a programme to suit your unique needs and requirements. It is important that a relationship of trust develops between client and counsellor, in order to help identify needs and concerns that might otherwise not be made known. With this end in mind, one of our counsellors will personally guide you and your family throughout the whole relocation process.


Arrival Assistance & City Orientation

  • Orientation Visit to provide an overview of residential areas, properties and potential schools
  • Personal meet & greet services at airport
  • Practical hints and tips
  • A study of suitable residential areas

Home search, rental contract, removals and utilities

  • Planning appointments with real estate agents and landlords, and accompanying the client on visits
  • Evaluation of suitability of property, price, area
  • Negotiation of rental price & advice concerning contract conditions
  • Contracting telephone, water, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Coordination of removal process

School assistance

  • Advice on suitable local schools
  • Organisation of school visits and appointments
  • Coordination of enrolment process

On-going Support

  • Information on cultural activities, sports, local expatriate committees, organisations and clubs
  • Help for house, car, medical and other insurance policies
  • Organisation of bank accounts, vehicle rental or purchase, language courses, medical services, baby-sitters, cleaning services and more.

Bureaucracy Management

  • Help with Visas, Residence or Work Permits, Driving Licences, etc.
  • How to import a car
  • Assisting the expat with bank accounts, credit cards, insurance and more.

Other services

  • Help with setting up a new office.
  • Departure assistance: termination of contracts, removal & shipment coordination, forwarding of correspondence, cancellation of insurance and domestic utilities.
  • Property management.
  • Dual Career Programme: helping the relocating client's partner find work with an experienced international career consultant


Please use the form below to send us your details. This information will be sent immediately to our Madrid Relocation Services partner, who will contact you to further establish your requirements.

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