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Laptops and Internet in Madrid

Laptops & Internet

If you are bringing any electrical appliances to Spain (e.g. laptop computers, travel irons, etc.) you should bear in mind the voltage and type of plug used here. Spain uses the 220V voltage level and a frequency of 50Hz. Check that your electrical appliances will work with this voltage. You may also need a plug adapter. Spain uses plugs with 2 round pins (see image). Plug adapters are available at stores selling electrical goods and at most international airports.

Spanish plugs

If you have your laptop with you, the chances are that you'll want to connect to Internet. Wi-Fi Internet access is common in many hotels, apartments and other places such as the cafeterias of the large department store , El Corte Ingles. We have a free wi-fi access map showing many known hotspot access points available with no cost.

If you're going to be using a slower telephone modem, Spain uses the RJ-11 telephone jack also used in USA, most of Europe and many other countries. A simple adapter should solve the problem if you're coming from a country which doesn't use this type of jack (e.g. United Kingdom).

Internet is now widespread in Spain and there are tens of different Internet Service Providers (ISP's). Access is available via the basic switched telephone network, the digital ISDN network, the high speed ADSL protocol and various satellite and cable systems. For most travellers, the normal analogue telephone network is sufficient. GoNuts4Free offers free Internet access from any point in Spain. Free access means that you pay only the cost of a local telephone call during your time online.

For those who don't have their own laptop with them, Madrid has many Internet caf├ęs to choose from. The most famous is probably EasyEverything on Montera street near the Puerta del Sol. The normal price for most cybercafes is around 1.20 euros per hour.

Finally, Spain uses the PAL television standard and region 2 DVD's - something to bear in mind if you want to buy videos or DVD's to take home.

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