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National Museum of Artistic Reproductions, Madrid

Seti I making an offer to HorusThe National Museum of Artistic Reproductions (El Museo Nacional de Reproducciones Artísticas) was founded by the Spanish government in 1877 with the purpose of teaching art and its enjoyment by displaying a large number of works from different epochs.

There are currently more than 3,000 exhibits from several countries, including sculpture from Egypt dating back to around 2600BC, ancient Greek and Roman artefacts, and a number of medieval and renaissance pieces.

They are exact reproductions of famous works, made to be identical to the originals in every single detail.

The museum was originally installed in the Cason del Buen Retiro, but in 1961 was moved to the Museo de América. In 1990 it moved again, this time to the former Spanish Contemporary Art Museum which is now the Costume Museum.

At present the museum is closed once again and looking for a bigger home.


Address: Museo del Traje, Avda. Juan de Herrera, 2, 28040 MADRID
Tel.: 91 549 71 50



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