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The Fundación Juan March

Fundación Juan March, Madrid

The Juan March Foundation was founded in 1955 by Juan March Ordinas, a Spanish financier who was one of the richest man in the world by the mid 20th century. Today it is an institution run by the family that directs its efforts towards science, art, music, culture and the humanities.

Fundación Juan March is located in Madrid on Calle de Castelló at number 77, It stands on the junction corner of Calle de Castelló and Calle de Padilla, a little to the northwest of Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca. It is a large square multi-storey building that has characteristically rounded corners.

Fundación Juan March has regular concerts, seminars and lectures. It also organises significant exhibitions of art on a regular basis, and it is the administrator for the Spanish Library of Contemporary Music and Theater in Madrid. The Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani in Mallorca, where Juan March Ordinas was born in 1880, is also controlled by the Fundación Juan March.

The Fundación Juan March has received two notable awards in the field of art for its achievements: the Medal of Honor, awarded in 1976 by the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, and the Medal of Honor for Merit in the Fine Arts, awarded in 1980 by Juan Carlos I, King of Spain.

The Fundación also has a regular weekly musical programme, which includes midday concerts performed by young professional musicians, recitals for school students, and contemporary Spanish music concerts. The latter can provide a valuable platform for many of the lesser known Spanish composers, especially young up and coming composers, to be aired and thereby gain a wider audience.

Fundación Juan March includes The Center for Advanced Study in the Social Science (CEACS). CEACS provides a research programme promoting social sciences and its development. It also actively encourages the research and development of social sciences in other institutions in a national and international basis.

There are three main libraries within Fundación Juan March: The Spanish Library of Contemporary Music and Theater, The Julio Cortázar Library, and The Library of Illusionism. The Spanish Library of Contemporary Music and Theater comprises a collection of documented scenic arts spanning the 19th and 20th centuries and up to the present day. The Julio Cortázar Library was donated by the widow of Julio Cortázar, the Argentinian writer. It is made up of some 4,311 books. The Library of Illusionism has close to 2,000 works and was donated to the Fundación in 1988 by José Puchol de Montís.

Fundación Juan March is served by Metro Nuñez de Balboa, lines 5 and 9, a short distance to the northwest, as well as bus numbers 1, 9, 19, 29, 51, 52 and 74. Metro Lista is also reasonably close by, lying a little bit further away to the southeast.

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Address: Castelló, 77 - 28006 MADRID
Tel.: 91 435 42 40
Fax: 91 576 34 20




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