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iPad Rentals in Madrid & Spain

iPad rentals is now able to offer iPad rentals during your stay in Spain's capital. This is a fantastic opportunity for international travellers, who in fact may already own a tablet, iPhone or iPad, but who don't want to pay roaming costs or international rates for being connected in Spain.

Book your Madrid iPad here for just 25 euros per day with unlimited data access:

Now you can stay in touch and have permanent 3G Internet access, wherever you are in the city, and at a standard, all-inclusive flat-rate. This is a great way to be mobile and connected at the same time during your stay in Madrid.

All iPad rentals include an unlimited 3G data connection, case and charger and free delivery to your hotel or any other location in the city.

The iPad is delivered with no restrictions whatsoever, meaning that you may synchronise the device with your own iTunes account or computer to get access to your own programs or files. Or, simply create a new iTunes account to install whichever apps you want.

For new users, or busy executives with no time to install iPad apps, each device comes loaded with travel, Madrid or Spain related and business apps, perfect for every user. These great programs include apps for Madrid Metro, LonelyPlanet, The Economist and Wall Street Journal, the Prado Museum Audioguide, the Spanish Tourism Office's iSpain app, TripAdvisor, currency converters and hotel booking and car rental apps, amongst many more fantastic facilities, including of course Angry Birds for some leisure time also! (see full list here).

And don't worry if you work with sensitive data. Once returned (the iPad is picked up at your hotel as well), the iPad is completely re-installed if the user hasn't already deleted all data.

The process of renting your iPad has been made as easy as possible. This is how it works:

1- Book and Pay
You book your iPad through this website by selecting the dates you would like to rent it. You provide some simple details like an email address and the delivery location. You are then directed to the secure payment page where you can pay with a credit card for the selected dates.

2- Your iPad is delivered
Your iPad is delivered to your selected location with all necessary accessories (case and charger) and a simple rental contract for you to sign. You must provide some legal form of identification (passport, national ID card) and MOST IMPORTANTLY agree to a credit card deposit of 390€ as a guarantee. But don't worry, your card is not charged, you simply need to make sure you have enough credit for this security deposit.

3- iPad Pickup
At the end of the rental, we meet you at your selected location to pick up the iPad, and terminate the rental contract

4- Finish
We immediately proceed to unblock the security deposit on your credit card.

Rent your Madrid iPad below:

If you have any problems, please contact us here.

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