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Gay Restaurants & Saunas in the Chueca District, Madrid, Spain

Gay Rainbow Flag

You don't have to limit yourself to visiting bars and clubs. There are plenty of other activities to be enjoyed in Spain's capital city. One of the most enjoyed pastimes in Madrid is visiting the first rate saunas on offer.

If you're looking for a quiet night out, then a nice restaurant date might be just what you need.  You can expect to pay anything from 15 to 30 euros for a meal at many of the restaurants, with the price scale rising with the calibre of the venue.

Perhaps one of the nicest restaurants in the Chueca area is El Armario (meaning "The Closet"). This romantic, candlelit venue is an ideal gay-date spot, and it serves many unusual modern Spanish delicacies.

While not marketing itself exclusively as a gay restaurant, Cafe Oliver is popular amongst gays due to its closeness to the Chueca neighbourhood. It serves French, Italian, Spanish, and Moroccan cuisines and also hosts a downstairs cocktail bar called Eo where local DJ's play R&B, House and Dance music.

You can also try Lateral, which is an outdoor cafe and restaurant. Although it overlooks a rather unremarkable square, the venue itself makes up for the lack of views. This is a stylish place with an open and friendly atmosphere - well worth stopping by if you get the chance.

Centre is probably the widest-known sauna in the city (it's actually the largest one in Europe).  You can find it at Cuesta de Sant Domingo, 1.  It offers the perfect way to wind down and relax, as does the Plaza in Gran Vía, 88 (Tel: 915483741).  As well as offering all the usual treatments and activities, it also includes a gym, hairdressers, and massage tables.

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