Gay Clubs and Discotheques & the Chueca District, Madrid, Spain

Gay Rainbow Flag

If you're looking for a place where you can have a good dance, then there are many gay discos available. Escape is a good place to start, as it has a friendly atmosphere, good crowd, and tasteful music. You can find it at Gravina, 13, open Wednesday to Sunday. For both men and women.

Rick's in Infantas, 26, Madrid 28004 (Tel: 91- 531 9186) is perhaps one of Madrid's best gay clubs.  It's open from 10pm-5am daily. It's best to go on the weekends, when the club is full of great music and drop-dead-gorgeous crowds. Women are also welcomed. However, be aware - drinks can be expensive.

Or you may prefer to visit The Moon (Aduana, 21). There is a good mix of music here, the staff are friendly but watchful, and overall there's a party atmosphere hanging densely in the air.

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A Noite is perfect for a night out, and is actually one of Chueca's favourite venues for drag shows. The crowd is mainly over-40, and you should expect to see a well-dressed, flashy group scoping each other out.

If you're a gay man looking to pick other men, then the notorious Cruising club is one of the prime places in the region.  Alive with adult movies, dark mazes, a show lounge, and various booths, it has a gritty but safe clientele of all ages. Address: Benito Pérez Galdós, 5