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Gay Madrid & the Chueca District

Gay Rainbow Flag

Madrid is a city that caters for all tastes and inclinations. Whether you're gay, lesbian or bisexual, there are activities, bars, clubs, and places of interest for everyone to enjoy and share.

Perhaps one of the best-known gay areas in the city is Chueca. This neighbourhood, or barrio, is right in the centre of Madrid, just off Gran Vía. You can get there easily by Metro (Line 5, Chueca Metro station or simply walking from Gran Vía. The streets here are a literal rabbit's warren, so it's wise to get your bearings before you go wandering around.

Hundreds of gay-oriented businesses, including bars, coffee-houses, restaurants, design shops, clubs, and clothiers are available for the intrepid explorer, and you can wile away many hours in this section of the city. Chueca has found a new lease of life in recent years, with the gay population investing money in local business and property.

There is a pleasant atmosphere in this district. Gay and straight people intermingle comfortably, and same-sex kissing and handholding is a common site. The northern end of the neighbourhood is mainly the area of straight college students, but the central Plaza Chueca provides a vibrant mixture of heterosexuals and homosexuals.

The best known gay accommodation in Madrid is provided by the Hostal La Zona, the Gay Hostal Puerta del Sol and the Hostal Pizarro, but if these hostales are not available, please just click here to all all Chueca properties.

Hotels, Apartments and Hostales in the Chueca area of Madrid

Chueca is quite central, and close to the Gran Via, and so is an excellent area in which to stay and possibly slightly cheaper than the better known areas of the city. The following link will show you all lodging in this area...

Click here for a Chueca map (the markers refer to these Chueca hotels)

Although are no distinct lesbian areas or clubs, lesbians do congregate and hang out in many of the bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, mixing well with the rest of the gay community.

Madrid's Gay Pride fiestas usually start place on the last weekend of June, and the Saturday of this weekend is usually known as the Dia del Orgullo Gay, or Gay Pride Day. During this time, Chueca becomes a centre of attraction in Madrid and a truly vibrant and active area for gays and straights alike. There are street parties, music, free outdoor concerts and all the local bars and cafés set up street stalls & kiosks, selling food and drinks to the revellers. Brightly coloured streamers and bunting decorates the streets around the Plaza de Chueca, and the area becomes a continuous party from the end of June and during the first week of July.

In 2014, there is also a procession with floats in favour of LGTB rights on July 5th. The procession will start in Atocha at around 6pm, and will proceed up the Paseo del Prado, terminating around 11pm at the Puerta de Alcalá.

WorldPride Madrid 2017

Madrid has been chosen to host the WorldPride event for 2017, the world's largest and most prestigious gay event, after previously successfully hosting Euro Pride in 2007. While there are not too many details yet about the events of WorldPride Madrid 2017, we are certain there will be street parties, festivals, conferences, processions, and events and activities for all. The Gay Pride activities in Madrid are well known for not being exclusive to the LGTB community, but open to heterosexuals as well. Not for nothing, MTV's Logo channel voted Madrid "Best Annual Gay Destination" in both 2009 and 2010.

The official video for WorldPride Madrid 2017 can be seen below:

Transcript of the video
If a prism splits light into seven colours, Madrid unites them on a single flag,
To speak of freedom, life, art and love.

Although in Madrid pride means many different things, fundamentally pride is just one thing,
The name of the biggest party in Europe, where lesbians, gays, transsexuals, bisexuals and heterosexuals all participate, proud to be in Madrid.

Every door in Madrid opens to diversity.
We will be waiting for you at World Pride 2017.

Please use the links below for sections on gay bars, clubs, restaurants, saunas and accommodation.

There is actually a lot more to the gay/lesbian community in Madrid, all of which could fill a full directory, but the best way to see it is by getting out and about and looking around for yourself. Just an hour wandering the streets of Chueca will show you a whole host of things to do and see. It will keep you busy for days. So all gay travellers are advised to enter the city with lots of energy, a desire to have fun, and an open mind.



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