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English Food Words & Terms Beginning With s

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ENGLISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.

exact all any

Sharon fruit nísperos
Spanish cured ham jamón serrano
Spanish potato omelette tortilla española
Spanish sausage pastries empanadillas de chorizo
Swiss roll brazo de gitano
salad with fruit ensalada de frutas
sauce with eggsbutter and lemon salsa holandesa
sausages salchichas
sauté Brussels sprouts coles de Bruselas salteadas
sauté artichokes alacachofas salteadas
sauté mushrooms champiñón salteado
sauté peas guisantes salteadas
sauté red cabbage lombrada salteada
scallops vieiras
scrambled egg with asparagus revuelto de trigueros
scrambled egg with baby eels revuelto de angulas
scrambled egg with brains revuelto de sesos
scrambled egg with prawns revuelto de gambas
scrambled egg with spring garlic revuelto de ajos tiernos
scrambled eggs with mixed vegetables revuelto mixto
scrambled eggs with tomato huevos revuelto con tomate
scrambled eggs huevos revueltos
sea bass in a parsley sauce lubina a la marinera
seafood cocktail cóctel de mariscos
seafood stew zarzuela de mariscos
seasonal shellfish mariscos del tiempo
selection of cold sausages embutidos
shank of lamb manitas de cordero
sheep's cheese queso de oveja
shellfish with vinaigrette salpicón de mariscos
shoulder of lamb paleta de cordero lechal
shrimps quisquillas
simple green salad ensalada de lechuga
simple green salad ensalada simple
skate raya
sliced cured ham lonchas de jamón
small lamb chops chuletitas de cordero
small noodles fideos
small sponge cakes mantecadas
small tuna pastries empanadillas de bonito
small veal escalopes escalopines de ternera
smoked fish or other smoked foods ahumados
smoked pork chops chuletas de lomo ahumado
smoked salmon salmón ahumado
smoked swordfish pez espada ahumado
smoked trout trucha ahumada
snacks served in bars pinchitos
snacks served in bars pinchos
snails caracoles
soft nougat turrón de Jijona
soft white cheese queso de Burgos
soft-boiled eggs huevos pasados por agua
sole meuniere lenguado meuniere
sorbet sorbete
soufflé soufflé
soup made with potatoes onions tomatoes and courgettes/squash caldo guanche
soup of the day sopa del dia
soup with tomatomeat and eggs sopa mallorquina
soup sopa
spaghetti espaguetis italiana
spider crab centollo
spinach a la creme espinacas a la crema
spinach espinacas
spirit or liquor, obtained from grape residues orujo
sponge fingers bizcochos
spring onions cebolletas
squid cooked in their ink chipirones en su tinta
squid cooked in their ink calamares en su tinta
squid rings in batter calamares a la romana
squid chipirones
squid chocos
stew made with meatchickpeasvegetables cocido
stew of pork ribs with potatoes espinazo de cerdo con patatas
stew with meatSpanish sausagechickpeas cocido Madrileño
stewed duck pato estofado
stewed hake merluza a la cazuela
stewed hare liebre estofada
stewed lamb tongue lengue de cordero estofada
stewed pheasant faisán estofado
stews estofados
strawberries with cream fresas con nata
strawberry ice cream helado de fresa
strawberry jam mermelada de fresas
strawberry milk shake batido de fresas
strawberry soufflé soufflé de fresones
strawberry tart tarta de fresas
stuffed duckling patitos rellenos
stuffed eggs huevos rellenos
stuffed mushrooms setas rellanas
stuffed peppers pimientos rellenos
stuffed red cabbage lombarda rellena
stuffed squid chipirones rellenos
stuffed tomatoes tomates rellenos
stuffed turkey pavo relleno
sugar-based sweet (eaten at Christmas) polverones
sunflower oil aceite girasol
sweet made with eggsugarand milk cremada
sweet pastries roscas
sweet pastries torrijas
sweet sherry jerez oloroso

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SPANISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
ENGLISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.



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