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Spanish Food Words & Terms Beginning With m

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Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.

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Málaga sweet wine
macarrones gratinados macaroni cheese
macarrones macaroni
macedonia de fruta fruit salad (desert)
mandarinas tangerines
manises peanuts
manitas de cordero shank of lamb
manos de cerdo a la parrilla grilled pigs' trotters
manos de cerdo pigs' trotters
mantecadas small sponge cakes
mantequilla butter
manzanas asadas baked apples
manzanas apples
manzanilla dry sherry-type drink
mariscada cold mixed shellfish
mariscos del día fresh shellfish
mariscos del tiempo seasonal shellfish
mazapán marzipan
medallones de anguila eel steaks
medallones de merluza hake steaks
media de agua half-bottle of mineral water
mejillón cebra zebra mussel
mejillones a la marinera mussels in wine sauce
mejillones mussels
melón con jamón melon with cured ham
melón melon
melocotón peachpeach juice
melocotones en almíbar peaches in syrup
membrillo quince jelly
menú de la casa fixed price menu
menú del día fixed price menu
menestra de legumbres vegetable stew
merluza a la cazuela stewed hake
merluza a la parrilla grilled hake
merluza a la plancha grilled hake
merluza a la riojana hake with chilis
merluza a la romana hake steaks in batter
merluza a la vasca hake in a garlic sauce
merluza al ajo arriero hake with garlic and chilis
merluza en salsa verde hake in a parsley and wine sauce
merluza en salsa hake in sauce
merluza fría cold hake
merluza frita fried hake
mermelada de albaricoque apricot jam
mermelada de ciruelas prune jam
mermelada de frambuesas raspberry jam
mermelada de fresas strawberry jam
mermelada de limón lemon marmalade
mermelada de melocotón peach jam
mermelada de naranja orange marmalade
mermelada marmalade/jam
mero a la parrilla grilled grouper
mero en salsa verde grouper with garlic and parsley sauce
mero grouper (fish)
mollejas de ternera fritas fried sweetbreads
morcilla de carnero black pudding made from mutton
morcilla black pudding
morros de cerdo pigs' cheeks
morros de vaca beef cheek
morteruelo type of mince pie
mousse de ... ... mousse
mousse de chocolate chocolate mousse
mousse de limón lemon mousse

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SPANISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
ENGLISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.



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