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English Food Words & Terms Beginning With c

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Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.

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Catalan sausage butifarra
cabbage col
cabbage berza
cabbage repollo
cakes baked on the premises repostería de la casa
cakes pasteles
cannelloni canelones
capers alcaparras
caramel ice cream helado de caramelo
carrots a la creme zanahorias a la crema
casserole containing chickpeas and corn puchero canario
cauliflower with béchamel sauce and cheese coliflor con bechamel
cauliflower coliflor
chard or silver-beet (green-leafed vegetable) acelgas
chateaubriand steak chateaubrian
cheeks of hake cocochas (de merluza)
cheese board carro de queso
cheese soufflé soufflé de queso
cheese with quince jelly queso con membrillo
cheese queso
cherries cerezas
chestnuts castañas
chicken and vegetables pollo con verduras
chicken au champagne pollo a la champaña
chicken casserole pollo en cacerola
chicken consommé consomé de ave
chicken consommé consomé de pollo
chicken in white wine pollo a la vino blanco
chicken in wine with saffrongarlic and almonds pollo en pepitoria
chicken salad ensalada de pollo
chicken sauté pollo salteado
chicken soup sopa de gallina
chicken soup caldo de gallina
chicken stewed with peppers gallina en pepitoria
chicken with peppers and chilis pollo a la riojana
chicken with tomatoes pollo con tomate
chickpea stew potaje de garbanzos
chickpeas with sausageboiled eggs and pine seeds garbanzos a la catalana
chickpeas garbanzos
chicory achicoria
chips or friessometimes crisps patatas fritas
chocolate ice cream helado de chocolate
chocolate milk shake batido de chocolate
chocolate mousse mousse de chocolate
chocolate tart tarta de chocolate
cider sidra
clams stewed in wine and parsley almejas a la marinera
clams almejas
clear soup made with fish caldo de pescado
coconut nougat turrón de coco
cod served with chillis and garlic bacalao al pil pil
cod served with ham peppers and chillis bacalao a la vizcaína
cod stew with red peppers ajoarriero
cod with leeks and potatoes purrasalda
coffee café
cold almond-flavoured milk drink horchata (de chufas)
cold custard with chocolate natillas de chocolate
cold custard natillas
cold hake merluza fría
cold lobster with mayonnaise langosta fría con mayonesa
cold meats fiambres
cold milk with meringues leche merengada
cold mixed shellfish mariscada
cold roast beef solomillo frio
cold salmon salmón frio
cold spicy sausage chorizo
cold tomato soup gazpacho andaluz
cold vegetable soup salmorejo
congealed blood (fried with garlic) sangre
conger eel congrio
consommé with egg yolk consomé con yema
consommé with sherry consomé al jerez
courgettes/marrow or squash calabacines
cow's cheeks carrilladas
cow's udder uvre de vaca
cr?me caramel tocinillos de cielo
crayfish cigalas
cream caramel with rum flan al ron
cream caramel flan
cream caramel flan de caramelo
cream cheese/cottage cheese requeson
cream of asparagus soup crema de espárragos
cream of crab soup crema de cangrejos
cream of vegetable soup crema de legumbres
creamy cheese queso gallego
creme brulée crema catalana
crepe suzette crepe imperial
croquettes croquetas
cucumber pepino
curds cuajada
cured ham omelette tortilla de jamón
cured pork sausage lomo curado
curly endive escarola
custard apples chirimoyas

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SPANISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
ENGLISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.



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