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Spanish Food Words & Terms Beginning With c

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ENGLISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.

exact all any

Coñac XO XO Cognac
cóctel de bogavante hake stew
cóctel de gambas prawn cocktail
cóctel de langostinos king prawn cocktail
cóctel de mariscos seafood cocktail
caballa Mackrel
cabrito asado roast kid
cachelada pork stew with eggs tomato and onion
café coffee
café americano weak white coffee
café con leche white coffee
café cortado white coffee in small cup with very little milk
café sólo black coffee
calabacines courgettes/marrow or squash
calabaza pumpkin
calamares a la romana squid rings in batter
calamares en su tinta squid cooked in their ink
calamares fritos fried squid
caldeirada fish soup
caldereta gallega vegetable stew
caldo de gallina chicken soup
caldo de pescado clear soup made with fish
caldo de... ... soup
caldo gallego vegetable soup
caldo guanche soup made with potatoes onions tomatoes and courgettes/squash
callos a la madrileña tripe cooked with chillis
camarones baby prawns
canelones cannelloni
cangrejos de río river crab
caracoles snails
caramelos sweets
carne de pecho brisket
carnes meats
carrilladas cow's cheeks
carro de queso cheese board
castañas chestnuts
cebolla onion
cebolletas spring onions
centollo spider crab
cerezas cherries
cerveza beer
cesta de frutas basket of fresh fruit
champiñón a la crema mushrooms with cream sauce
champiñón al ajillo garlic mushrooms
champiñón salteado sauté mushrooms
chanpiñón a la plancha grilled mushrooms
chanquetes fish (similar to whitebait)
chateaubrian chateaubriand steak
chipirones en su tinta squid cooked in their ink
chipirones rellenos stuffed squid
chipirones squid
chirimoyas custard apples
chocos squid
chorizo cold spicy sausage
chuletón de buey large beef chop
chuletón large chop
chuleta de buey beef chop
chuleta de cerdo empanada breaded pork chop
chuleta de cerdo pork chop
chuleta de cordero lamb chop
chuleta de ternera empanada breaded veal chop
chuleta de ternera veal chop
chuletas de cordero empanadas breaded lamb chops
chuletas de lomo ahumado smoked pork chops
chuletitas de cordero small lamb chops
churros fried pastry cut into lengths
cigalas cocidas boiled crayfish
cigalas crayfish
ciruelas pasas prunes
ciruelas plums
coñac brandy
cochinillo asado roast suckling pig
cocido Madrileño stew with meatSpanish sausagechickpeas
cocido stew made with meatchickpeasvegetables
cocochas (de merluza) cheeks of hake
codornices asadas roasted quail
codornices con uvas quail cooked with grapes
codornices escabechadas marinated quail
codornices estofadas braised quail
codornices quail
col cabbage
coles de Bruselas salteadas sauté Brussels sprouts
coles de Bruselas Brussels sprouts
coliflor con bechamel cauliflower with béchamel sauce and cheese
coliflor cauliflower
conejo asado roast rabbit
conejo encebollado rabbit served with onions
conejo estofado braised rabbit
congrio conger eel
consomé al jerez consommé with sherry
consomé con yema consommé with egg yolk
consomé de ave chicken consommé
consomé de pollo chicken consommé
contra de ternera con guisantes veal stew with peas
contra filete de ternera veal fillet
copa ... ... cup or glass
copa de helado ice cream scoop
corazón de cordero lamb's heart
cordero asado roast lamb
cordero chilindron lamb stew with onion tomato peppers and eggs

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SPANISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
ENGLISH a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Click on a letter for the Spanish words and English translation.



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