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Rent a Cell Phone in Madrid & Spain

Mobile phone rental in Spain

Note: We now also offer iPad rentals. Click here!

If you wish to stay in contact with friends, family or business colleagues while in Spain, what better way than renting a cheap mobile phone. Avoid all those expensive hotel phone bills, or stay in touch while you stay in one of our apartments.

We will send your cellphone to wherever you're staying in Spain, so it's ready for you when you arrive and in fact we can even send it directly to you in your own country. Delivery is free for any destination in Spain.

We will inform you of the mobile phone number before you travel, so you can leave contact information with anybody who needs to call you. We offer the best possible rates for outgoing calls and remember, incoming calls are free!

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Click to reserve your mobile phone now!

How Does It Work?

Mobile Phone Rental You are given a cellphone with 100 euros in prepaid calls

Mobile Phone Rental You leave a deposit of 200 euros (100 for the calls and 100 for the value of the telephone)

Mobile Phone Rental When you return the mobile phone in good condition, you will be charged just 1 euro a day plus the calls you made.

For example: You rent a cell phone for 30 days and spend 100 euros in calls

Rental charges: 30 days X 1 euro = 30 euros
Call charges: 100 euros
Refund from the 200 euros deposit: 70 euros

The total cost would be 130

The minimum charge for calls is 100 euros and minimum rental fee is 30 euros, therefore 70 euros is the maximum refund from your deposit. Deliveries and pick-ups at the airport have an extra charge of 20 euros.

Mobile Phone Rental If you need more than the original 100 euros in calls, you can recharge your credit anytime by simply calling us.

Mobile Phone Rental You can make and receive calls all over Spain, Europe and in any country using the GSM mobile phone system.
Mobile Phone Rental If you plan to stay in Spain for a long period of time, you have the option of buying the cell phone at a very interesting price, with the amount of credit you wish in prepaid calls.

Click to Reserve your Phone
Click to reserve your mobile phone now!



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