Alissa Greenberg

Alissa Greenberg is a freelance writer specializing in culture, art, and travel. Raised in Boston by travel-loving parents, she first fell in love with the wider world on a trip to Tuscany at age 8.

She received dual degrees in English literature and Anthropology from Wesleyan University, where her undergraduate thesis on indigenous storytelling traditions found her living in remote parts of Yunnan province, southwestern China. Her travel addiction thus cemented, she spent 2009 on a one-year trip around the world.

Alissa's work has appeared in a variety of media. She has written music reviews for the magazine Northeast Performer, served as a feature writer for the Sampan Chinese immigrant affairs newspaper, produced pieces for the nationally-syndicated American radio show Here & Now, and contributed to the online travel guide DGuides.

A series she wrote about Chinese immigrants in a heavily-Irish Boston neighborhood is being translated into Chinese for inclusion in an anthology to be published in summer 2012.

She currently lives in central Spain, spending her time writing, teaching, and exploring.

Alissa may be contacted at her blog, on Twitter, or using the email address below: