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Apartments in Madrid for Long-Term Rentals

Long term rentals in Madrid

It is often difficult to find long-term rentals in Madrid. The apartment rental market is basically divided into 2 options:
- short-stay rentals, mainly for tourists & holiday accommodation (see our own short-stay rentals in Madrid here)
- yearly rentals, mostly for locals with a 1 to 5 year contract.

Short-stay rentals are perfect when you want to stay in the city a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks, but when you need to be in Madrid for a few months, the price can become prohibitive. Tariffs are given per night, and anything over a month is often just too expensive.

Local landlords will offer longer stays but mostly ask for yearly contracts as a minimum, and these days almost all landlords ask for local bank guarantees, salary slips and job contracts as a guarantee that the tenant has financial stability.

Fortunately, GoMadrid can now offer cheap long-term rentals for monthly stays without the need to stay for 1 year!

And, these properties are available at a price that won't break the bank. These apartments are perfect for employees who come from other countries to work for long periods in Spain. Or for expatriates relocating to Madrid and who need a quick accommodation option while they look for something more permanent. Or for students on a course not lasting the full academic year.

We have several apartments available for rent on a monthly basis, in different parts of the city:

[Central Madrid]
  1. Edificio Adelfas - close to the Retiro Park, this newly constructed building offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, studios and attics with all mod-cons such as Internet, air-conditioning, lifts to all floors and free parking spaces.  Click for more info & photos...
  2. Edificio Conde Duque - modern apartments close to the Conde Duque gardens and within walking distance of the Gran Vía. As above, all mod-cons such as Internet and air-conditioning.  Click for more info & photos...
  3. Edificio Atocha Reina Sofia - very close to the Reina Sofia, Prado and Thyssen art museums, right in the heart of Madrid but in a tranquil and quiet area. Click for more info & photos...
[South of Central Madrid]
  1. Residencial Piramides - 2-bedroom apartment in a beautiful building constructed in 2006 and with all mod cons & luxuries: community swimming pool, wi-fi Internet, air-conditioning, private garage, lifts, jacuzzi, sauna, gymnasium, DVD, etc. Close to major transport facilities and a large shopping centre. Click for more info & photos...
[North of Central Madrid]
  1. Edificio Cuatro Torres - new building in the Plaza Castilla district with all luxuries: Internet, air-conditioning, garage and lifts. Near major business areas (Cuatro Torres, AZCA) and major transport facilities. Click for more info & photos...
  2. Edificio Cuatro Caminos - practical and economical housing solution just 10 minutes from the centre of Madrid and close to the Castellana and AZCA business areas. Click for more info & photos...
  3. Edificio Plaza de Castilla - luxury properties with marvellous views, located near the Puerta de Europa in the Plaza de Castilla area. Click for more info & photos...
If you're not sure which apartment is best for you, please just fill in our request form and allow our accommodation provider to suggest the best option. Just click the button below, enter your details and wait for our partner company to get in touch.



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